Marblo - Solid Surface Solutions

Spacethetics is India's principal distributor for Marblo for past five years. Marblo is the most stain resistant and easily repairable modern translucent solid surface material. Marblo over the world is known for its translucent solid surface which adds drama to the place where it is used. The major application of the product is counter tops, facades, partitions, wall and pillar claddings, table tops, bathroom counters, ceilings and backdrops.

This polyester based product has become the most sought after material because of its versatility and flexibility in the fabrication process - this means greater scope for design initiatives. Marblo, manufactured in Australia, is environmentally safe and offers a wide variety of colors and patterns to choose from. The company is committed to innovation and it keeps adjusting to the changing trends of the design community.

Marblo catalogue