Modular Furniture

Modular concept has taken the interior industry by storm by giving innumerous solutions to its customers. Spacethetics offers its customers a lot of choice from its huge range of finishes and fittings of modular furniture. The entire product is produced in the production unit in a standard module and is just assembled at your place. The end product has huge range to choose from membrane to veneer on the surface and particle board to solid wood beneath. The hardware and other products as incorporated in the design as per the customer requirement. The entire process from converting raw material into a superb finished product of choice happens without messing the customer’s site. With the growing manpower shortage and falling time span to complete the interior work, modular furniture is the perfect solution addressing the problem. It gives the customers a liberty of finalizing the furniture before taking possession of the unit and this result in lot of time saving. Be it kitchen, wardrobes, entertainment units, living furniture, kids furniture or work place furniture, Spacethetics has specialized itself in offering modular solutions to its customers.